Castro Valley Independent Sports League�s goal is to provide a positive atmosphere that gives regional youth the opportunity to participate in a team sport, and to learn the physical and mental aspects of the game. All players have an equal chance

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CVI Rainout Policy & Procedure


Due to the nature of this rainy season, I wanted to publish our rainout policy and timeline.  As stated in rule book (Rule 9.03 – Canceling Games: Games are to be played as scheduled except when suspended or canceled by weather or field conditions.  Those games canceled will be rescheduled by the Division Coordinator on the next available date, (Sundays included) and will be played as scheduled (no exceptions).  Example: All Saturday games canceled due to rain will be played the next day (Sunday) at the same time slot if possible.  Rain Out games can only be canceled by a league official.


  • Field Coordinator and Division Coordinators will assess fields one hour prior to start time.
    •    Please note that some morning games may be cancelled and afternoon games playable or vice versa.  If a morning game is canceled that does not mean that all games that day are canceled.
    • If fields are unplayable, Field Coordinator will update the website indicating fields are closed..
    • Field Coordinator or Division Coordinator will notify Umpire Coordinator to cancel umpires for games.
    • We would like to try to give you as much time as possible, but this could happen up to 30 minutes prior to the game. 
      •    Coordinators will reach out to managers, to let you know about game status
      •    We suggest downloading the” League Athletics” app, which will send text messages, and notifications about the league. Please “like” our Facebook page “Castro Valley Independent Sports League” for updates & information
      •    Teams need to be prepared to play regardless of field closures earlier in the day.  There may be "game time decisions" if the weather breaks over the course of the day.
      •    Please don’t call your coordinator the night before, or hours before your game.  They will contact your managers with the information once they receive it from the league and your manager will pass it onto you
      • Rain Out games can only be cancelled by league officials.  Please be aware that we have the best interest of your kids and the fields in mind.  If we feel that the fields or weather may be unsuitable to play then we will cancel the game.
        •    If parents don’t think the weather is suitable and don’t want to have their children play in the weather, that is fine, but please refer to Section 9.00 – Game Forfeitures in your rule book. If the league thinks the game can be played, it will.  If your whole team decides to not show up, it will be considered a forfeit.