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CVI Baseball 2020 'A' Division, Rays
by posted 01/30/2020

CVI Baseball – 2020 Team Welcome Letter



Welcome to the

‘A’ Division “Rays” - CVI Baseball

Play Ball!!!!



We look forward to an exciting new season.  For some of us, this may be our first year together, while others may be in their second or third year (or many more J!).  Either way, we look forward to making this a rewarding experience for all.  This division is the first time for some to play the real game of baseball (i.e. leads, stealing, etc).  It is our intent to teach the players all facets of the game, but more importantly, that everyone has a good time in the process of practice and games.  We want the kids to enjoy the experience, not make it a chore.  We will outline the pertinent game rules in a separate communication.


Just as the kids work together as a team, we parents need to as well.  There are several things the league has asked us to pass on to you as well as some things pertaining to our team.  This packet will outline everything for you.  Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the manager or team coordinator at any time.


Team Manager:                               Steve Galli (510) 889-7489 or cell (510) 772-6390,

Assistant Coach:                              Mike Smith, (510) 881-8872 or cell (510) 367-0159,

Assistant Coach:                             Ed Galli (510) 538-3281 or cell (510) 364-6044,

Assistant Coach:                              Mike Winkenbach, (510) 566-6381,  

Assistant Coach:                               Mark Galli, (510) 331-4098,


Team coordinator:                         TBD (Looking for a volunteer.  Call Coach Steve to discuss)


NOTE: At this level, we can certainly use more coaches and parent volunteers.  We are allowed only four (4) coaches with lanyards in the dugout and on the field at each game, but we need all the help we can get at practice, and if you have a lanyard, you can also fill in at games if one of the other coaches is not there.  The team coordinator will need to attend one of the league run team coordinator meetings (February 5th or February 19th) (usually at Canyon Middle School, Room D-11 starting at 6:30). 


Here are the requirements for coaches to obtain a CVISL lanyard:

  1. Submit a Volunteer Application to the CVISL Registrar at, .  You will need to fill out a new form for the 2019 season.
  2. Submit a copy of your valid government issued ID.
  3. Submit a 1” x 1” “Head Shot” photo of yourself.
  4. Complete concussion training (Mandatory for ALL Coaches and Managers) – The following website provides free training at, http://www.nfhslearn.com, which will provide a certificate of completion.  After completion, please print a certificate to a .pdf file and email it to the league registrar and your manager.  (NOTE: This course takes about 30 minutes online.).


You will find the following in your parent packet.

Calendar of Events

League Rules and Suggestions

Field Maps for Marshall and Canyon


PRACTICES – Start Saturday, February 1st.  Our preseason practices will be both during the week and on Saturday (one day during the week + one on Saturday).  Our weekday practice will be Friday from 4:00-5:30 (NOTE: The league schedule will only allow us one hour on the field from 4:00 – 5:00.  We will find somewhere else at the complex to get our work in for the other half hour from 5:00 – 5:30), and our weekend practice will be Saturday from 9:30-11:30.  All preseason practices are at Marshall School Field #1 (Lower Field closest to the Snack Bar).  Saturday practices will end once the season starts.  The weekday practice schedule will likely change once the season starts.  We strongly encourage practice attendance as it gives the kids a chance to get to know what is going on without all the gameday distractions of another team.  It also gives them the repetition of skills that they need in order to improve.  Plus, it is a fun time to hang out with their teammates.


OPENING DAYOpening Day for games is Saturday, March 7th.  We will have practice games beginning on March 2nd. We will get the schedules out as soon as they are ready.  This will probably be one to two weeks before the season starts.


GAMES – Games are one night per week (Monday through Thursday, rotating days each week) and one game on Saturdays each week.  All of our games will be at Marshall, Field #1.  Weekday games will usually start at 5:00 and last 1 ½ hours.  The weekday games may start at 4:30 for the first two weeks of the season.  There are 7 teams in the division this year.  That means we will have a bye during the week or on the weekend some weeks.  There will also be one Saturday doubleheader 😊 .


UMPIRES - We will NOT be umpiring other teams’ games this year (Thank Goodness J ).  There will be one paid umpire that handles each game by themselves.  Please be respectful of all of the umpires’ calls.  We have a hard time getting umpires out to games, and we cannot afford to have umpires choose not to come to CVI because of poor parent behavior.  If you have a question about a call, please ask one of the coaches AFTER the game.


SCOREKEEPER(S)/PITCH COUNTER(S) - We will need a scorekeeper and pitch counter for each game.  We will ask for volunteers after the schedule comes out.


TEAM COORDINATOR – The Team Coordinator will handle the Team Dog coordination for each game and other items.  The Team Coordinator must attend one of the meetings, either February 4th or February 18th.  Contact Coach Steve for more details.


ATTENDANCE – Game day attendance is very important.  We need 9 players in the field at a time.  That means we need your child to show up for every game and practice. Please call or email one of us if your child will not be able to attend a game (Please mark your attendance on the Sports Sign Up Play App) or if you need help arranging a ride for your child to or from a game.  We will try and assist you to the best of our ability.  Also, batting line ups are done up ahead of time, so the sooner we know the better.


PICTURES – Our day for team & individual pictures is set for Sunday March 22, 2020, Canyon Middle School GYM from 12:00 noon until 5:00 p.m..  We will let you know what time as soon as they let us know.  We would like to be sure all kids are present for picture day.  We cannot make up the group shot.  We will pass out the envelopes as time gets nearer.  THIS DAY IS ALSO THE CVI COMMUNITY EVENT DAY, WHICH INCLUDES GAMES, BBQ, ETC. (MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW)


ALL FIELDS CLEAN UP DAY  - Saturday, 2/22/2020, 8:00 am – 12:00 p.m.

Every year CVI gets the Fields ready for the upcoming season.  The work involves pruning, weeding, raking, painting, etc.

CVI will provide lunch for all of those that attend.  Bring you work gloves, wheel barrows, etc., and join us for a great day at the Fields.  All Fields will be worked on this day, Canyon, Marshall and Strobridge.  NO Practices will be permitted on this day.  NOTE: Our regular season practice time slot will be determined by how many people show up for field clean-up day, so please show up and bring the WHOLE FAMILY and FRIENDS.  We really want first pick of practice times for the season!!!


WEBSITE – Please visit the website for the league (www.cvisportsleague.org ). 


PARKING – Please be considerate of the neighbors when parking.  We have to renew our permit every year in order to play at Marshall Field.  If we receive too many complaints from the neighbors the league will lose its permit to play there.  Parking inside on the paved lots will not be allowed at all for the 2020 season.  Please do not park in the white “drop-off’ zone.  Please do not drop your kids off across the street – there have been too many close calls of kids running between cars to get to the field.  Use the drop-off zone.  Then go park to meet us inside.  Please stay out of all driveways and crosswalks when parking.


CVIBL GAME BEHAVIOR - The following rules must be followed by all parents, players and visitors at practices and games.  (NOTE that rules 1-3 are Castro Valley Unified School District and State regulations.)

  1. No smoke or smoke-less tobacco will be allowed on the playing field, in the dugouts, or anywhere on school grounds.  This includes e-cigarettes.
  2. No alcoholic beverages allowed at any time.
  3. No dogs allowed at any time.
  4. Any abusive language directed at a manager, coach, umpire, player, league official or a spectator is grounds for immediate ejection from the game and field.


$$ Contributions and snacks - All Monies printed in Red are due by opening day


Team Dogs -  AFTER GAME SNACKS - We have a deal with the Snack Bar to receive a hot dog or nachos and a drink for each player after the game.  The cost for this is approximately $2.50/game.  We will need to have your money (cash please) by Opening Day, March 7th.  All orders need to be placed and paid for before the first inning of each game.  The kids love their after-game snack and it is a good opportunity to hang out and have fun after the game.


END OF SEASON PARTY- We are not sure of the details for our end of season party at this time.  Typically, this is done at a pizza restaurant or park.  We are not sure what the league does for our division as far as plaques or trophies for the kids.  Once we get this information, we will let you know and what the cost will be for the party and supplies.  NOTE: The coaches will not be coordinating this party.  Please work it out amongst yourselves and consult with the coaches about availability.


Sports Sign Up Play App- We will use the Sports Sign Up Play App to communicate events throughout the season.  Please look for the request to join our site in your email and there will be login information.  Once the site is setup, most all communication will come through the site.  Please check your email regularly for updates, particularly the day before a game or the day of a game in the event of inclement weather.


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